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Stone Island

By Sportswear Company S.p.A

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LOCATION City University of New York Astrophysical Observatory_Engineering and Physics Department_ I.A.U. Station #294 Telescope: MEADE LX200 GPS Computerized Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope f/10 spherical primary mirror To explain the mechanics of the 1000s of microspheres coating the Mesh Reflective coat, the video looks at how light behaves. The two principles at work are reflection and refraction. The purpose of a telescope is to collect light. The telescope in the video uses a spherical primary mirror to collect light. The larger the telescope's main light-collecting element, the more light collected – which in turn determines the level of detail.
The light gathering capability creates very bright, high contrast images. The observatory is the laboratory component of the astronomy program. 45561 MESH REFLECTIVE Hooded down jacket in Mesh reflective. The historical Reflective Jacket, made in a highly refractive material owing to a coating made of thousand of glass microspheres, is layered on the outer side with an industrial feel nylon run-proof mesh which enhances the refracting qualities of the internal fabric creating optical and three-dimensional effects. The coating of the material makes the piece water and wind resistant. The finish piece has then filled with the finest down to achieve optimal thermal insulation.