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Collage of one model wearing several styles of technical and puffer jackets and vests, in light green, red, silver, dark green, and blue.


Model wearing silver puffer jacket with high collar and hood, diagonal welt pockets, and Stone Island patch on the left side of the chest.

The trilobate structure of the nylon yarn, with its grey weft and white, ready-to-dye warp colours, is the basis of the distinctive metallic and tonic sheen of Nylon Metal, one of the most versatile fabrics born of Stone Island’s textile research.
An elaborate double dye procedure provides different tones, intensities and colours to the fibres and textile accessories of the garments, including zips.
The Stone Island Compass patch is applied to all product families.
Outerwear pieces and accessories are in Nylon Metal Watro Ripstop, resin treated inside to achieve a mild wind and water resistance.

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