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Stone Island has launched a garment authentication service.
Since the Spring Summer 2014 collection Stone Island has used Certilogo® technology and experience to offer customers the possibility of verifying the authenticity of their Stone Island and Stone Island Shadow Project* products, wherever they were purchased, using the 12-digit Certilogo code or their mobile phone to scan the QR Code.
The code and QR code are found on the security label inside the garments.

Enter the 12-digit CLG code in the field below. On clicking "Send" you'll be redirected to the Stone Island authentication service on the Certilogo website.

Please check the information you entered

Fight fakes

Stone Island is aware of the existence of websites selling fake products.
Some even reproduce the brand's trademark and are therefore particularly misleading for consumers. These sites are often registered with a domain comprising the brand name Stone Island, or something similar, and additional words such as ‘jackets’, ‘outlet’ or ‘official’.

It is our priority to defend and protect our consumers and our brand image.
This is why we have taken every possible action against the sale of fake products and shut down misleading sites, web pages and social network pages through legal action using international companies specialising in the fight against counterfeiting: MarkMonitor and React.
Those who have ordered or purchased a fake garment can go to their local authority and contact their bank to, where possible, block payment made to a suspected fraudulent site.

To inform us of a suspected counterfeit product or website, please email including a link to the site or the name and location of the retailer.

Our official website is - as well as the official Stone Island App in North America.
Our sales site in the UK is

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