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STONE ISLAND SOUND is the curatorial project by Stone Island and C2C Festival that supports independent contemporary artistic production: a harmonious set of curated soundtracks, record releases, in-store playlists and live events.
The aim of the project is to champion local independent music scenes and to forge a world sound map of avant-garde and new pop.

STONE ISLAND PRESENTS is a series of events born in 2015, which brought together high-profile talents from the world of electronic music and not only.
The tour included London, Glasgow, Manchester, Tokyo and in 2019, it landed in Italy for the first time with C2C on the occasion of the Milanese preview of the C2C Festival.

The STONE ISLAND SOUND playlists were created with the intention of defining the musical identity of the brand’s stores, as an expression of the brand’s DNA. A series of playlists – Yellow, Magenta, Cyan – powered by a constant and periodic update of songs.
The musical selections are then shared on Bandcamp, Buy Music Club, Spotify, Tidal and other platforms. As part of the project, RECORD RELEASES are published by the C2C Festival label.
CURATED BY_ Since February 2022, the project has been enriched with another element: some of the new playlists are curated by three artists selected by C2C Festival, each with a unique and contemporary approach – to move easily between different references and musical subcultures.

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